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Development and Promotion of Sustainable Projects


Sustianble Habits was created to promote environmentally friendly behaviors, and to offer advice to companies that invest in the green to develop communication plans capable of translating the value of the brand. These companies need green communication specialists with excellent knowledge of the world of sustainability and its market to carry out branding activities, and to create content capable of engaging the public and stakeholders.

I also develop educational projects for schools and companies. The goal is not only to spread awareness on various sustainability issues, but to communicate in a clear and accessible way, and to offer the tools to act in a concrete way.

Write to to share your green needs, we will give you free advice on how to pursue your goals. Our mission is to facilitate the change the Planet needs!

Companies and Organizations


I help companies and organizations that wish to reduce their environmental impact of their business by developing tailor-made projects through qualified partners.

I develop educational programs for employees about SDG, the 2030 agenda goals and green actions that help to improve the office environmental foot print.

I also develop communication strategies and contents to align corporate values with the corporate  image. Understanding the sustainability world and its market allow me to find the right touch points and develop effective contents.





My vocation for education and training has led me to gain experience also in projects for schools. If you work in an educational institution or you are a parent who wants to bring a green project to a school, write to me to ask how.

Our programs focus on 3 principles: inspire, engage and act. They are easy programs to introduce in every school of order and grade without burdening the teachers with further work.

Starting from the UN SDGs, and through a communication aimed at involvement, we educate young people about what is happening in the world at the moment.



If you want to learn ways to educate and promote the change in your community, feel free to write to me. There are many different ways each one of us can become a change maker!

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