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Ways to Get Involved

Getting involved means different things from making sustainable choices to joining an environmental organization's chapter to reaching out to elected representatives to spreading the word in school, at work and with friends. There are many options available once you choose to make a difference in our future.


In order to tackle climate change, our governments must commit to implementing greener solutions and pass laws that force industries to change their practices. Only governments have that power to stop the main sources of pollution. We can support and vote those laws, though. The more we are, the stronger is our voice!


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says if we don’t change the current trend in climate change in the next 12 years, we will witness catastrophic consequences. We are at a pivotal point in time and we need to make the necessary changes to reduce pollution and global warming. And, as Bill Gates said, “The good news is we have everything to make those changes happen!”. We have the technology, new inventions and enough knowledge.


Because of the numerous interests involved, the shift to a sustainable economy and society is going to be a tough challenge that requires each one of us to participate. By joining together our voice will be stronger and more impactful and we can lead a strong grass-roots effort.


There are different ways to be involved so that you can choose what you feel more comfortable with.

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Sign a Petition

Sign one of the petitions some famous organizations involved in climate change are putting together and support their effort.


Here is a list of organizations that offer you the opportunity to sign up for a petition easily:



We can help


Join an Environmental Organization

Learning about the health of the environment and the ongoing actions to protect it allow us to formulate our own opinions.

Signing up for environmental organizations’ Newsletter or joining their Chapters help to keep us up-to-date on relevant matters and to act in the way we think it is more responsible.


We are listing the most famous environmental organizations, but we always invite people to explore alternatives themselves. We don’t intend to promote specific organizations or support political parties.

Organization List

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Write to Elected Representatives

Politicians and elected representatives cover a strategic role in the process to change towards a more sustainable living. They have the power to influence the way funds are used or the kind of laws that are approved. It is important to let them know our opinions.

If you don’t know how to reach them, here are two useful sources:



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Group Discussion

Organize Events

We would like more and more people to learn about climate change and solutions. We would like people to get their own opinion on this important topic that determines our and the world’s future!

You can help organize events that inspire people.


Here is a list of events you can organize, from simple gatherings to more elaborate ones.  If you are interested in planning an event, please write to us. We will help you with ideas and materials to make your event a success!

Advocate the Sustainable Habits mission: promote sustainable habits and the change the world needs today.


- Sustainable dinners

- Documentary movie screenings

- School events

- Sustainable gifts


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Public Speaker

Spread the Word

Talk to people about what you are learning and what you are doing about climate change and sustainability. Share news!


Ask people what they think. Start a conversation. As the scientist Katherine Hayhoe said “The most important thing you can do about climate change is: talk about it.” Learn how to talk about it from her watching this video:

Katherine Heyhoe TED video


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Inspire Others

Inspire others to adopt sustainable habits and lifestyles.

Together we can make a difference.

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