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The Impact of Eco-friendly Detergents


The chemical detergents that have been widely used all over the world for decades are highly harmful for the environment polluting waters and soils, poisoning animals and harming human health at different levels as well. The environment can’t take them anymore! Think about how many times we wash our hands, the dishes, our house and clothes. Everyday we use a lot of detergents whose chemicals end up in the environment poisoning the same water we drink or use to farm crops and where fish, we consume, live in.

The green detergent choice is wide, but products are not all the same. There are many different kind of natural detergents. Some of them are not really environmental friendly or have less harmful chemicals and others are 100% safe both on the environment and human beings.


There’s a website that lists and grades the “green detergents” available in the US market on the base of the ingredients they contain, it is very useful in order to make conscious choices:

EWG Guides to Cleaning

Some people have even decided to produce their own green detergents using simple ingredients and recipes. This method also has the advantage to use less plastic because you will refill your own bottles! If you would like to explore this option, we are listing a couple of suggestions check these websites:

DIY Detergents

3 Easy DIY Detergents


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