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There are scientific proofs that today’s climate change is caused by human activities and has nothing to do with the natural evolution of the planet.


Today climate change is not following a natural pattern; it is developing at an unusual speed and with alarming negative effects. Its behavior is threatening human lives, destroying natural environments and manifesting in dangerous, unexpected ways. The instability of the climate poses a threat to our happy and healthy future, that’s the reason why we should learn more and be up-to-date.


We will not discuss such a scientific topic here. But we are listing in this page global organizations working with the climate change issue that each one of us should follow. It is critically important that we learn what is happening in the world from trustworthy sources: knowledge opens our eyes and is the first step to get control on our lives.

Learn What Climate Change is from Experts



Why we should care about climate change

Katherine HeyHoe

Protecting our planet is the challenge of the century

World Economic Forum

Nature speaking

Conservation International

2018: a year of climate disaster

The Years Project

A man made disaster of global scale

David Attenborough

How do we know humans are causing climate change  

The Climate Reality Project

Failure to tackle global warming “suicidal”

BBC News

Organizations & Scientists We Should Follow

KH is an atmospheric scientist and professor at Texas Tech University. She goes around the world to talk about her findings about climate change. She also educate people on this topic through videos and social media produced with a local PBS station. She has won several recognitions as well.



BBC Earth provides reliable and thorough information about the environment. Don’t miss the beautiful documentaries and voice of famous naturalist David Attenborough as well, Planet Earth and Planet Ocean, produced together with BBC.

BBC Earth

This is a 24 hour event broadcasted all over the world that takes place once a year. It highlights the effect of climate change and the progress in sustainability taken in different countries in the world. It offers the opportunity to learn what is happening in the rest of the world directly from the voice of their main actors.

24 Hours

of Reality

It is an environmental organization focused on protecting the environment and environmental education.



The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, committed to improving the state of the world by engaging political, economic and academic institutions.




UN Climate Change Summit



World Resources Institute is a global research organization that spans more than 50 countries, with offices in the United StatesChinaIndiaBrazilIndonesia and more. Our more than 700 experts and staff work closely with leaders to turn big ideas into action to sustain our natural resources.




Please follow an organization you trust, & keep yourself informed about the state of the environment & ways to protect it!!! 

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