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Less Clothes

Reduce FAST Fashion

Let’s act responsibly when we go shopping. We don’t need all the clothes the industry is trying to convince us to buy. Let’s start a new trend, more conservative and responsible. 


The fashion industry is responsible fro 10% of the global carbon emissions. That simple fact gives you an insight into how the fashion industry has been impacting the planet. The greenhouse gas emissions from textile production is more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.


In recent years fashion brands introduce new styles in the market every month in order to increase sales. This trend together with reducing tag prices have pushed up the volumes of clothes sold and, unfortunately, the volume of clothes that end up in the landfill too!!

Less IS More


The fashion industry also impacts the environment through:


  • the acres of land used to grow cotton

  • tons of pesticide and gallons of water necessary to grow it

  • the CO2 produced by the transportation

  • the energy used to make clothes

  • the chemicals contained in the dyes and other phases of the production process.


Intense garment production is causing injustice in the countries where they are produced: cheap clothes are produced shrinking the wages of those who work in the factories. I invite you to look for articles and documentaries that uncover the truth about the fashion industry and learn more. 

Be a Trend Setter, Shop Conservatively & Responsibly 


Fabric Rolls

Fabric Guide

Look for garments that are made from natural fibers, like organic cotton, and colored using natural dyes. See Good On You for more information.

Legs in Jeans

Fast Fashion

KQED coverage on the cost of fast fashion


Fashion Habit

Ways to break the fashion habit of new clothes frequently


Be Sustainable

Challenge yourself and learn to be sustainable. Watch this video to find more reasons to do it

Office Conference


World Economic Forum and impact of fast fashion

Woman Shopping

Brands Recycle

Check fashion brands that use recycled materials 

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