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We are living in a pivotal time!

Updated: May 5, 2019

We have been enjoying prosperous human development and growth. Innovation in medicine and technology have improved the quality of life, created jobs and wealth worldwide while simultaneously negatively impacting our environment that we so deeply treasure and depend upon.

We may face an odd future scenario. While our generation is laser focused on education, raising children, securing employment and preserving a comfortable life, there are other forces at play that are undermining our efforts. Extreme weather conditions and the collapse of our ecosystem may compromise those opportunities and force us to set new priorities. The effects of pollution, global warming, deforestation and exploitation of natural resources are so severe that they are destroying our environment and will soon be directly affecting our lives.

We can’t deny that we need soil to grow our crops, clean water to drink, oxygen to breath, and animals to keep the biodiversity up and running! Climate change is posing a threat to all that! We CAN’T IGNORE it!! You may not see it but all that is really happening.

People are urged to stop drifting and let others make relevant decisions about the future. It is TIME TO ACT, to get involved in politics and governments’ decisions, to pollute less and protect nature. Doing so we will protect our future.

We need to make changes in our behaviors, embrace new values and create a new destiny for ourselves, our children, and the world we live so that we can preserve the existence we’ve worked so hard at creating.

We need to take an active and action based role in our destiny and our future. We need to take meaningful steps and making conscious decisions in our life.

#sustainable_habits #sustainability

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