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Protect The environment

Simple Ways to Make an Impact

Together We Can

Nature is all around and inside us! Think about the sky above our heads, the water reservoirs running under the roads we drive, the air we breathe, the chirping of birds in the distance, the heart beating inside each one of us as well as all the living things on this planet.


Our busy lives make us forget we are part of the environment and we need a healthy environment to be healthy ourselves. Start thinking about what you can do to protect it, and doing so you will be taking care of your future.

Actions You Can Take

Couple on a Walk

Spend Time in Nature

Spend more time in the open nature. Plan to do more walks or picnics during your free time. Learn more about nature participating in walks, hikes and guided tours in your local area. Join local environmental organizations’ events. More you will know about nature, more you will love it and protect it. 

Planting trees.jpg

Plant Trees

Trees are considered one of the solutions to reduce the high level of CO2 in the atmosphere. They absorb CO2 to produce chlorophyl and release oxygen in exchange. More trees we plant, better it is for the environment.

You may plant trees in your garden, volunteer in one of the events organized close to you or make a donation to an organization that plants trees. Choose trees that thrive in the climate where you plant them! 

Field of Chrysanthemums

Plant Flowers

Support insects and animals growth by planting the native plants they need to thrive. For example, you can help the bees population planting some specific flowers that are their favorite. There are many little actions that we can easily do and would protect the environment. 

camera man filming an iceberg in antarct

Watch Nature Documentaries

Love and respect for nature also comes from education. Plan to watch a documentary with the family once a week. Purchase a subscription to a magazine about nature or animals, such as the National Geographic for kids, for example.  Organize documentary screenings in your local library or school.

Morning Paper

Opt Out of Direct Mail

Call the retailers that send you catalogues and direct mail to tell them you want to opt out and receive e-mails instead. Start a campaign and encourage people you know to do the same! 

There are companies that take care of it for you!


Support environmental organizations

There are many organizations around the world that lead different projects to protect rural areas, parks, restore natural habitats, plant trees, protect endangered species and so on. Contribute with a donation, volunteer or join a chapter, if you can. 

Becoming a supporter helps them to do their work and to protect the environment. You can also opt to become a member, receive Newsletters and follow them on their social media.

Volunteers at Food Bank

Host a Recycle Drive

There are some special materials that are recycled in specific facilities only. Invite your neighbor and people you know to drop those materials to you so that you can bring them to the right facility. For example you may organize a battery drive, old wireless phone drive, garment drive and so on. Look for the cause that sounds right to you.


Host Your Own Clean Up Event

Gather a group of friends together to clean up your street, school grounds, local park or beach.


Respect Animals & Insects You May Encounter

Each animal and insect is part of a delicate eco system where each of them has an important role in the food chain.

Learn More Environmental Protection

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