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Reduce, Reuse Recycle

There’s a simple way to start a new sustainable life style that is affordable to everybody: reduce, reuse and recycle.


Reduce means use less, buy less. Save where you can, for example:


  • save water

  • buy less clothes

  • eat less meat

  • don’t buy too much food that you will throw away in the end


Pick up some actions that are easy to you, do something, it is valuable.


Reuse means reusing what you have when it is possible. Your action will give longer life to what has been already manufactured as well as decrease the exploitation of natural resources and pollution.


New discoveries and machines have been pushing the progress in recycling. There are always new materials that can be recycled. In Great Britain a designer creates furniture from recycled fridges, for example! Even if the percentage of recycled material that is reused is small compared to the amount that is collected, recycling allows to gather waste efficiently. Waste doesn’t get dispersed in the environment and it can be processed appropriately. For example, an enzyme that breaks down plastic has been discovered in 2018. Scientists are working to introduce it in the market any time soon.

More and more coffee shops, offices, universities and other public places use compostable plates, cups and cutlery, please dispose them in the correct bin!!!


Dumping waste in the wrong bin is not useful, rather paying attention to recycling leverage the efforts that public places and cities are doing to reduce pollution.

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